Building Fund


Since 2008, PKKI had set up a Building Fund with the aim of purchasing land to build a proper training centre. We had purchased 3 pieces of bungalow land (approx. 21,300 sq. ft.) which will enable us to build a Training Centre with adequate rooms and space for our indoor and outdoor programmes. The cost of the land alone was RM683,136.00.

We are now raising Building Fund to put up the new building. With escalating prices in building materials, etc., the estimated cost of constructing will come to RM5 Million.

We are appealing to you/your organization to consider donating to our cause.

Please write ‘Building Fund’ at the back of the cheque to indicate its purpose.


CIMB Account No : 80-0034389-9


We urgently need to raise this amount of money and we are appealing to the public and to business corporations to help us with our Building Fund. 

Please do consider helping us

Thank You