The average cost of training one child in our Centre is approximately RM800.00 per month. Besides Jonaron Foundation, which is sponsoring 3 of our therapists, we are, at present, getting a monthly donation of RM5,000.00 from Gapurna Sdn.Bhd. and its subsidiary companies. We also collect a small monthly contribution from those parents who can contribute. For those who cannot afford to contribute, we try to find sponsors to pay on their behalf.

However, the above sponsorships are insufficient for us to carry out our programmes and we need to raise another RM500.00 per child each month in order to sustain our operations.

The existence and success of our Society depend on the availability of funds and we depend on public donations to a great extent – without which many children will be deprived of the chance and hope of ever getting any help, training or a life that has any meaning for them.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! We need donations!

Every cash donation will be receipted. PKKI has been granted Tax Exemption status and the number is LHDN.01/35/42.51/179-6.4453.No.Warta Kerajaan Bilangan 11412 bertarikh 15.08.2002.

Please make all donations in favour of: –

Or Bank your donations directly into our Bank Account at:-

Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad
150-152 Jalan Cerdas,
Taman Connaught
56000 Kuala Lumpur. 

Bank Account Number :


Please do inform us if you have made a donation by direct banking and we will issue you our official receipt. Thank you.